Corporate Clients

Spot Transaction

Used to buy or sell currency for immediate execution and delivery, for most currencies we provide same day payments.

Forward Contracts

Fix an exchange rate for a date in the future, without having to commit cash flow to buying currency in advance. Forward Contracts help protect your business against the risk of market fluctuations.

Market Orders

A Market order enables a client to buy/sell a specific amount of currency at a desired rate. This will happen automatically the very second the market hits your target level. Market Orders do not incur a payment fee and mean participation in the market for the hours it is live and trading.

Multi-Currency Account

Free of charge currency collection accounts in your business name available in 38 currencies. Clients can make and receive 3rd party payments using this facility, using incoming payments to make settle invoices, potentially reducing exposure to the currency market.

Online Platform

Our award-winning platform allows clients to access their account 24/7, manage payments, check exchange rates and book trades. A robust reporting function provides for activity searches using multiple criteria.
Available on desktop (Mac or PC), tablet or smart phone.

Corporate Client Sign Up

Working with businesses to ensure currency payment solutions that impact the bottom line